Together as a diocese, we took on the challenge of celebrating World Youth Day in our city like never before.

We want to highlight and thank all of our partners. All throughout the week from November 14 to 21, each community stood up and witnessed through their activities. Without their generosity, their creativity and their docility to the Holy Spirit, WYD Montreal would not be possible!

Whether you supported the event with your prayers, sharing the activities or inviting young people to participate, we are thankful for you and any way you’ve supported WYD Montreal.

We hope and pray that our communities be revitalized in the light and love of the living Christ, so that we, as a local Church, may stand up and be His witnesses in Montréal.

Our partners

Développement et Paix – Caritas Canada
Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde
Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur
Catholic Christian Outreach
Centre diocésain pour le mariage, la vie et la famille
Centre étudient Benoît-Lacroix
Centre justice et foi
CFC Singles For Christ
Communauté du Chemin-Neuf
Concordia University Catholic Students Association
Congrégation Mater Dei
Famille Myriam-de-la-Miséricorde
Filipino Catholic Mission of Montréal
Franciscains de l’Emmanuel
Fraternité monastique des frères de Jérusalem
Grand Séminaire de Montréal
Holy Name of Jesus
Jesus Light of the World – Jésus Lumière du Monde
Jeunesse Ex Cathedra
Jeunesse Saint-Maron du Canada – Cathédrale Saint-Maron
Mission Saint-Irénée-de-Lyon
Moniales Carmélites de Montréal
Montreal Catholic Challenge Movement
Newman Catholic Students’ Society
Newman Centre of McGill University
Oeuvre des Vocations du Diocèse de Montréal
Office des communautés culturelles et rituelles
Programme A3
Recluses Missionnaires
SASMAD – Pastoral Home Care
Sœurs de Charité de Sainte Marie
Sœurs de Sainte Anne
Sœurs de la Sainte Famille de Bordeaux
St. Ignatius of Loyola
St. Kevin’s
St. Luc / St. Luke
St. Thomas à Becket
Villa St. Martin