Key Moments

WYD Week – Semaine JMJ

WYD Montréal (WYD MTL) is an annual week-long diocesan celebration for the Archdiocese of Montreal that culminates at the Solemnity of Christ the King in late November.  

The WYD week is an opportunity for the whole Church to celebrate and encourage the protagonism of youth in the Church and society.   

Like the triennial international celebration, WYD MTL is a “special moment of encounter with the younger generations and an instrument of evangelisation of the world of youth and of dialogue with them3”. 

TEEN Festival 

Le Festival Ados est une expérience vivante et joyeuse qui invite les adolescents, âgés de 13 à 17 ans, à découvrir ou à renouveler leur relation avec le Christ ainsi qu’à tisser des liens avec d’autres jeunes. Il s’agit d’une célébration abrégée qui incarne pleinement la JMJ de Montréal à travers une demi-journée de conférences engageantes, de témoignages réels, de présentations créatives et d’activités dynamiques.

Christ the King Vigil

At the heart of the Vigil of Christ the King is an invitation to welcome Jesus, the King who came to save, into our lives through the Blessed Sacrament.  

It is an opportunity for our local Church to spend a moment with Jesus, to pray for young people with young people. are “irreplaceable bearers of the dynamic of the Kingdom of God, the hope of the Church and the world” (St. John Paul II, 1984). 

Mass for Christ the King

The highlight of WYD Montreal is the Mass of Christ the King celebrated in communion in the parishes. This means that in one day, several hundred masses will be offered for the intentions of the youth. It is also an opportunity for parishes to honour and bless the young people who contribute to the life of their community.


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