Nurturing Young Souls

January 22, 2024

Best Practices for Praying with Children

The Session on “Nurturing Young Souls” is a dynamic and interactive workshop designed to equip catechists with effective strategies and best practices for guiding children in their prayer journey. This session delves into the importance of fostering a vibrant and meaningful prayer life in children, recognizing it as a fundamental aspect of their spiritual development.

Parents are welcome!

Topics covered:


  1. WHY Pray?
  2. Creating Sacred Spaces
  3. Integrating Biblical Narratives
  4. Interactive Prayer Methods
  5. Incorporating Music and Art
  6. Addressing Challenges
  7. Encouraging Personal Reflection
  8. Building a Prayerful Community

This formation session aims to empower catechists and or parents with the knowledge and skills needed to lead engaging and spiritually enriching prayer with children, fostering a lifelong connection with faith. Participants will leave with practical tools and a renewed enthusiasm for nurturing the spiritual growth of the youngest members of their faith community.



Image by Freepik