Framework for youth and family ministry

Starting march 16

Course overview

Proposing Jesus Christ today requires a hybrid approach that includes virtual and in-person initiatives, and is centered on the individuals, their needs, availability and the context that they live in. This formation presents the foundational concepts and principles for developing effective, comprehensive hybrid ministry with teens , young adults and their families.

This formation presents the vision for comprehensive youth ministry that is experienced virtually and in-person, includes synchronous and asynchronous programming. This vision seeks to develop youth ministry by incorporating developmentally appropriate youth programming. It highlights the importance of family life, while involving young people as integral members of the faith community, and collaborating with community organizations in a common effort to promote positive youth development.
  • A Renewed Vision for Youth Ministry
  • A Vision of Young People today
  • Developing Faith Assets with young people
  • Fruitful Practices and strategies in Youth and Family Ministry
  • To understand the pastoral foundations for ministry with young people
  • To become familiar with several viewpoints (sociological, psychological, cultural, societal, familial) for understanding the internal and external forces that shape the growth and development of young people today
  • To express a vision for comprehensive youth ministry as grounded in church documents
  • To promote a comprehensive ministry with youth in their milieux by applying the foundational concepts and principles.


16 March
23 March
30 March
6 April

Program Overview

Winter – Fall 2022


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